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Test and Benchmark Tools - In this section you can find the test WUs and scripts that have been used to create the result comparison tables.

SETI fanout url generator
SGP v0.1

Test Tools - AstroPulse -

AP test WU 1/5
AP test WU 2/5
AP test WU 3/5
AP test WU 4/5
AP test WU 5/5
KWSN Linux AP Bench v2.0.23
KWSN OSX AP Bench v 2.0.24
Shortened AP for NV OpenCL testing
Windows AP bench 211 minimal
Zblank shortened WUs

Test Tools - MultiBeam -

KWSN FreeBSD MBv7 Bench v2.01.06
KWSN Linux MB Bench v2.01.08
KWSN OSX MB Bench v2.01.07
Linux KWSN-Bench
MB test WUs 1/2
MB test WUs 2/2
MBbench 2.10
Test WUs
V7 MB test WU 2
V7 MB test WUs 1
Windows Knabench 2.08 for Multibeam without Applications
Windows KWSN Knabench 1.43 Benchmark Package
Windows KWSN Knabench 1.81(Raistmer's modified Benchmark Package)
WisGen WUs.7z

Test Tools - Old -

BenHer's CPUID 10-04-A
Complete test package for Windows
CPUInfo test
ICCPatch for Windows
OSX OpenCL_FFT test

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