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AstroPulse for Linux - x64 & x32 Bit Linux AstroPulse apps for SSE, SSE2, SSE3 & AVX. Supports AMD and Intel x86 systems as noted in the app description. Please look CAREFULLY to match your supported CPU.

01-Linux 64bit AstroPulse_v7, v7.04 SSE2 (r2696), October 2014
02-Linux 32bit AstroPulse_v7, v7.04 SSE (r2696), October 2014
03-Linux 32bit AstroPulse_v7, v7.04 SSE2 (r2696), October 2014
04-Linux 64bit AstroPulse_v7, v7.05 SSE3 (r2728), October 2014
05-Linux 64bit AstroPulse_v7 7.05 AVX (r2728), October 2014
06-Linux 64bit AstroPulse_v7 7.05 AMD AVX (r2728), October 2014
07-Linux 32bit AstroPulse_v7 v7.05 SSE3 (r2728), October 2014
08-Linux 32bit AstroPulse_v7 v7.05 AVX (r2728), October 2014

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